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A student wearing a gray Rutgers sweater writes on a dry-erase board in the Learning Centers

Student Employment & Training

Help your peers to succeed while taking advantage of leadership opportunities along the way.

Make a Difference

Learning Centers student employees work one-on-one and in group and classroom settings to help their peers develop their skills and reach their full academic potential.

Deepen Your Knowledge

One of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of the material you are studying is to teach it to others. By helping your fellow students to learn the material, you help yourself to solidify, expand, and retain your knowledge of the subject.

Learning Centers offer a variety of paid student peer leader positions including tutors, study group leaders, academic coaches, writing coaches, and learning assistants.

A student works at a laptop in the Learning Centers

Grow as a Leader

Our peer leaders are trained in learning theory, leadership and communication skills, and professionalism. As a Learning Centers student employee, you'll have access to professional development opportunities including:

  • A three-credit pedagogy course
  • Individualized evaluation and coaching programs
  • Interdepartmental training seminars
  • Ongoing professional development workshops
  • Training sessions with professors in your field
A student works at a laptop in the Learning Centers

Hear from Peer Leaders

Check out what our peer leaders have to say about working at the Learning Centers.

(Working as a study group leader has) "improved my leadership and communication skills, and I have become a better planner and organizer.”

“Being an LA (Learning Assistant) was extremely enjoyable. I loved the job, every single aspect of it.”

“I like working for the LCs (Learning Centers) because it gives me the opportunity to help students become academically successful while at Rutgers. Being able to help others is the greatest gift that anyone can give.”

“Working for the LC is the best job on campus. You get paid to help other students succeed and it forces you to stay sharp in the early classes in your major that help you with the harder classes.”

“The Learning Center is a wonderful place to be a part of because it is rare to find not only a positive learning environment but with so many wonderful individuals that have the dedication and passion to improve and assist others.”

Meet Our Student Employees


The Learning Centers also offer part-time intern positions. Internships are unpaid but may be eligible for course credit through Rutgers Career Exploration and Success.